Saturday, August 15, 2009

cookbook challenge, weeks 7 & 8

Got a little behind after a very busy week, but I've made up the difference with 5 recipes cooked from Tomato Blessings and Radish Teachings...

First off, before my husband left for GenCon, a Peach or Nectarine Crisp. I'm not big on baked fruit desserts, so I let the rest
of the family be the judges. My
husband loved it, and the kids
all ate it, so I guess as far as
peach crisps go it was adequate.
I froze the last two servings for
when he returns.

On to the Broccoli with Olives and Lemon...kind of an odd
combo, not necessarily something I'd make again, but not bad either. Again, the kids ate it, I finished it without reservation, but the flavours were certainly not something I'd have thought to put together.

My favourite recipe recently
is the Beets and Beet Greens with Red Chard. Utterly
fantastic. It's now my second
favourite beet recipe ever.
Spicy, sweet, with the red
onion and both chili powder
and cayenne pepper giving it
a really great tangy new taste...really good for a beet recipe.
I'll definitely be returning to
this one again what with all
the beets we get from our
CSA throughout the entire

Next I tried the Carrots with Roasted Sesame Seeds. I
prepared mine in simple
rounds versus the suggested
matchstick presentation, but
come on, I have 4 kids; I'm not at liberty to spend hours in the kitchen on a Zen Monastery over a side dish like the author was.

I used agave nectar instead
of honey as a sweetener, but
regardless, sweet carrots just
don't do much for me. Maia
enjoyed them, but I don't
see myself making this one

Finally, a quick dinner
for one on a hot night
was this yummy Tomato Salad with Avocado and Black Olives. Simple,
basic ingredients, with
a little kick from the hot
pepper and scallions.

So I did get to see Julie & Julia last week with a friend. Lots of laughs, cute, cheerful...not my usual movie fare, but I enjoyed it very well.

Meryl Streep was just
awesome as Julia Child.
And Amy Adams' cooking
meltdown performances
reminded me of myself
peeling kiwifruit, as I
often drop them because
they're so slippery. For some
reason that's the only thing
in the kitchen that has ever put me on the floor in tears...repeatedly. Ha ha ha.
Anyhow, go see the film, if you're in the mood for a laugh in good taste.

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