Thursday, March 18, 2010

whatever you've got

And then there are those days when you've got little time (or at least it seems that way right after daylight savings time begins) and not much variety left in the fridge.
Leftovers, snack cupboard, and the remains of the fruit bowl!

Ryan's lunch: leftover Italian pasta salad; mixed nuts; orange slices; peach soy yogurt on the side.

I don't believe it when people say their kid had to buy lunch because they had nothing left to make them. Was there any food for breakfast? Then make a brunch bento. Did you eat dinner the night before? Save aside a bit for a leftover bento. Went out to eat the night before because the cupboards were that barren? Leave a bit, get a doggie bag, and put it in a bento. Voila. It might be a challenge, but I like a challenge. And besides, it makes you use stuff up in the back of the cabinets and fridge that often get ignored. And it saves some money!

Off to go grocery shopping...LOL.

Oh yeah, for me yesterday:
9am- sprouted quinoa
tabbouleh over baby
10:30am- raisins, dates,
almonds; an apple.
12pm- marinated broccoli
& portobello mushrooms
(in shoyu, olive oil,
balsamic vinegar).
3pm- blueberries; flax crackers.
5pm- Italian salad: , zucchini,
broccoli, tomato, olives, onion,
olive oil, red wine vinegar,
salt, raw sugar, oregano.
8pm- Raw Revolution
chocolate coconut bar.


Unknown said...

Looks tasty :) I've run in to problems with not having food for Kidlet's bento but it doesn't happen often. We eat very very different diets and that can come in to play. He also eats like a starving rhino so it's hard to keep food around :P But I generally find something to go in that box even if it isn't pretty lol

BentoBoxUK said...

Looks cute - very small - I wish that amount would fill me up but I am sure my bentos are about 3 times the size! Maybe that's where I'm going wrong?! Anyway yes there is always something you can make - my fave is an omelette using the last egg in the fridge with a bit of onion and maybe even a pepper that needs using up/// surprising what you can make out of "seemingly" no food in the house!