Friday, March 19, 2010


My go-to country is Japan, but when you're bored with lunch, choose something of any ethnicity other than boring old American food. Check out a book like Vegan Lunch Box Around the World, peruse some of the meals at E.A.T., or just Google "CountryX recipes" and you're sure to be overwhelmed with new foods to try. My kids love Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Chinese. What are your kid's favourites?

Ryan's lunch: tempura carrot maki; avocado & cucumber maki; onion & potato tempura; blanched spinach; spicy baked tofu.
Me, yesterday:
8am- 1 orange
10am- sprouted quinoa tabbouleh.
12:30pm- large bowl of cantaloupe; mixed nuts.
2pm- 12 baby carrots w/cauliflower dip.
5pm- marinated green beans; almonds.
8pm- Raw Revolution chocolate coconut bar.


Unknown said...

Yum! Looks delicious :D Kidlet is a super fan of international cuisine. His favorite is Indian right now, which I suspect is in part due to our neighbors being Indian and their mom being an AMAZING cook. She is always getting him to eat things I wouldn't have even thought of :D

veganf said...

My husband and I LOVE Indian food too, but the kids haven't gotten into it so much...yet, I hope! I had actually never had Indian food until I met my husband, and I joined him and a friend at an Indian restaurant in Cambridge and fell in love with all the crazy spices! It's rarely ever hot enough for me!!