Wednesday, March 24, 2010

turtle & flowers

Come on spring!Ryan's lunch: shelled edamame; double decker flower sandwiches of smoked Tofurky, rice cheese, lettuce & mustard; soba noodles w/carrot flowers; steamed broccoli; cucumber salad.
Yesterday for me:
7am- Raw Revolution chocolate coconut bar.
9:30am- sprouted quinoa tabbouleh salad; 1 banana.
11am- mixed nuts; 1 apple.
1:30pm- smoothie: 1 banana, 1 apple, almond butter, grated coconut, liquid DHA, water.
4:30pm- flax crackers.
8:30pm- 1 avocado; 1 pear.

If you're curious about my new favourite snack, Raw Revolution bars, check out Rawdorable's Raw Revolution giveaway! It ends March 30th, so get over there and comment to enter!


shannonmarie said...

Another lovely meal. The flower is perfect for spring.

Thanks for the shout out :-)

BentoBoxUK said...

I would SOOOO love to eat a flower sandwich! Turtle is gorgeous! :o)

Susan Yuen said...

Beautiful bento! I love the flower sandwich and the cute turtle pick! Everything fits perfectly in the bento box. :D

veganf said...

In retrospect I should have added a bit of lettuce in the back left for balance. But I hesitate to put in too much lettuce because I don't want to be wasteful, I want to put in only what he'll eat. It is a fine line between pretty and practical sometimes.