Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Time for some tasty treats...
Ryan's "T" lunch: truffle;
two trios of triangle Triscuits;
Townhouse Toppers (crackers);
tater tots (w/ketchup); tempura
broccoli, onion & carrot; tofu; a
tropical juice drink box on the

On sunday, when I was doing
the last of my shopping prep before the school week, I lost my alphabet list at Whole Foods. I returned to the store, asked at customer service, groped around the parking lot, but it was gone. So I attempted to re-create the list for the last 8 letters of the alphabet, which had consisted of almost 2 months worth of jotting down this food and that as they came to mind.

Now that I have completed two bentos without my original list, I found snap peas and strawberries in the fridge that I neglected to put in Ryan's lunch because I never added them to the new list. And today I forgot to put in a tangerine on the side. Eh, it probably would have been too much food for him anyhow! On to me...

7:30am- an apple.
9am- romaine lettuce w/
leftover sprouted quinoa
tabbouleh salad.
11am- 1 banana; small bowl
of dates, raisins & almonds.
2pm- carrot "chips" &
cauliflower dip.
6:30pm- salad: romaine
lettuce, tomato, marinated portobello mushrooms (mushrooms, shoyu, olive oil).

I made a bento lunch for myself today to take hiking...but that can wait for tomorrow when I list today's food.

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Happy Little Bento said...

Aw, you still did so well! I wonder if someone found your list and had a good laugh wondering what it was for :)