Friday, March 26, 2010

pizza sandwiches

By the time my husband has been away for a week my creativity and patience has dwindled to this...

Ryan's lunch: pizza sandwiches; orange slices; steamed broccoli; roasted almonds; cucumber slices.

Yep, pizza sandwiches. Like I used to eat in high school for breakfast, LOL. I think my record was 3 days with pizza for every meal. I lived, didn't I?

Let's see, what did I eat thursday...
7:30am- soaked steel cut oats &
grated coconut w/blueberries.
10am- 1 avocado.
12pm- marinated broccoli &
portobello mushrooms.
3pm- banana chips.
5pm- spinach salad: baby spinach,
scallion, tomato, shoyu; honeydew melon.

I dehydrated 2 types of banana chips: cinnamon & almond/hazelnut.

Maia is very eager for Dada
to get home from his trip
this evening. Of course you
can't mention it or she runs
to the door looking for him.
Let's hope the freak spring
snow doesn't delay any
flights today...

1 comment:

Susan Yuen said...

LOL, I used to make my own open faced pizza sandwiches when I was in high school! It was one of my favorite afternoon snacks! :D Love the pizza sammy bento. :)