Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Snake in the Grass

Luckily the stomach virus Ryan had seemed to be only a 24 hour thing. That bodes well for the rest of us should we get it. Back to school he goes....

Ryan's lunch: soba noodles; sushi w/avocado, cucumber, carrot, red bell pepper; thin sweet green peppers stuffed w/white bean hummus; nectarine slices; a dropper of soy sauce.
Ryan and AJ walked
themselves to school
for the first time

So we have a snake
who just loves to
hang out under the
kids' pool. Then they'll
shoo him off across the yard. Reminds me of No Feet the snake from Little Bear...
It's a pretty brave snake considering I didn't even need to zoom in to take these.

1 comment:

malm said...

OMG! I would die if I had a snake in my backyard... The only good thing about our canadian winter, no snakes in Montreal :-)