Thursday, September 17, 2009

Plays Well with Leeks

Ryan's lunch: carrot sticks; chicken-free nuggets (with a side of ketchup); 3 mini muffins: apple-cherry, zucchini, banana-blueberry; steamed broccoli; green & purple grapes.

Nate's snack:
Krinkle sticks;
green & purple

I'm not a big raw
arugula fan, though
we get plenty from
the farm. Here's a
way I love it...

Saucy Potatoes & Arugula

3 cups water + 1 veg
bouillon cube (or 3 cups vegetable stock)
3 cups potatoes, chopped (about 4-6 small potatoes)
3-4 cups arugula leaves
1 T. margarine
salt & pepper to taste
sprinkle of cayenne pepper (optional)

Place water & bouillon in a medium pot and begin to heat to a boil. Meanwhile wash arugula and chop potatoes. Add potatoes. When water boils, stir, and reduce heat to medium. Cook 15 minutes.
Add arugula, cook 1-2 minutes more.
Drain most of cooking water. Serve in a bowl, or over pasta.

For eating plain, I drain most of the liquid. For pouring over pasta, I leave a bit more.

Maia really loves playing with food & being outside...

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