Saturday, September 12, 2009

no bento

Yesterday was 9/11. I thought since I didn't even make a proper bento, a day of blog silence was in order. Nate's preschool teacher was coming in the morning for the home visit, so I was more preoccupied with getting the house somewhat presentable than making a nice lunch!
Ryan's lunch: Tofurky mini bagel sandwich in the Wrap-N-Mat; bottle of chocolate almond milk; Thermos of potato leek soup; Badtz Maru side container of homemade strawberry nectarine applesauce (wish I'd taken a picture of the inside!).

And here's a picture of
cute Maia for good
measure. She's 14 months
old today.

I've got nothing else
to share as I just got
back from a friend's
wedding this evening!

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