Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bad Badtz Maru

I love Badtz Maru. He's one of the few Sanrio characters who are cute and boyish and cool at the same time. This bento coordinates perfectly with Ryan's metal Badtz Maru lunchbox.

Ryan's lunch: green beans dressed w/soy sauce; sliced cucumber; a small wheel of corn; a pickle; spicy baked tofu; mashed potatoes; a side of watermelon.

I remember buying this
bento from an outdoor
vendor under the elevated
highway near the Shinbashi
train station in Tokyo. Back
then I thought the 600 yen
price seemed a bit steep for
a little plastic bento, but
if only I could get character
bentos for that price back in
the United States!

It seems fitting that Badtz
Maru's birthday is April 1st,
April Fool's Day. He's one
cool dude penguin.

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