Friday, October 1, 2010

bring it on October!

I could pretend to wish everyone a happy October, but I think I'll wait 'til this stomach virus has left the house! The younger two kids have it now, and with Dada working a long weekend in NYC, I kept lunch pretty simple for the older boys.

& AJ's
1/2 of
a tang-
a pickle;

Last night before I went to bed I flipped the calendar in the office to October. And that suddenly jogged my memory. October! Mofo! And I proceeded to Google "vegan Mofo 2010". I came up with conflicting sources, some saying it was in October again, some saying it had reverted back to the original November. But given that the official Vegan Mofo blog on Wordpress contains nothing but a test link to a participant survey--which by the way you can access by Googling it directly, which I found first, and therefore filled in the survey before reading the message not to do so--I'm guessing Vegan Mofo isn't happening until November. Does anyone else out there have more definitive info?

I like the idea of having Vegan Mofo alternate among the months over time. It allows for more variety. Imagine a June Mofo with all the local berries, or an August Mofo full of tomato recipes! How about a February Mofo overflowing with posts about vegan chocolates and spicy desserts and Valentine dinners. Yeah, it could be really interesting shaking Mofo up a bit! Not that I don't adore Halloween, 'cause I do, it's our favourite holiday! And the kids absolutely go nuts planning for the annual Thanksgiving feast. I'm drooling already!


sgcorrie said...


Mofo is in November, Kittee posted in the PPK about it!

Your school lunches are adorable.

veganf said...

Oh great, thanks for the info! With 4 kids I don't have the time to read all the many blogs and posts. Looking forward to it!

River said...

Happy lunches! I hope everyone feels better soon. Those pesky stomach viruses are no fun! *healthy vibes*

Yep. November. It keeps me from losing my mind during Halloweegan because I won't have to post every single weekday! :)

Susan Yuen said...

Heehee, the sandwiches are too cute! They make me smile.