Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Who's on first...

I can't decide which lunch should be in the spotlight today. Hmmm... I guess I'll go with ladies first, LOL.


Maia also had 20 pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies tagging along with her today for her class and wednesday's class to decorate. But of course I was too busy taking pics of all the lunches and getting Ryan ready for his field trip to even remember to take a pic. Maybe someone will get a photo of them decorating the cookies at school.

Ryan was off to the
Museum of Science in
Boston today with the
Sage gifted program.
The M.C. Escher exhibit
is one of a handful they
have been looking forward
to. I contemplated cutting
some simple geometric
pattern out of nori and piecing it together to look like an Escher drawing, but ultimately I decided to stamp an image on soy paper with edible ink markers. Of course that meant I needed a stamp of an image...so I just had to carve one myself.

Ryan's lunch: mango gel cup; Escher rice triangle; vegetable gyoza; broccoli; Tofurky flowers; carrots; pickle.

Here's a closeup...And here's the stamp...
And AJ needed a lunch too. Nothing fancy, but I did manage to fit a bit of last night's apple crisp in for him.
AJ's lunch: rice triangle; vegetable gyoza; pickle; carrots; Tofurky flower; mini apple banana muffin; leftover apple crisp; broccoli.

And I didn't want to leave Nate feeling left out, so he got a nicer snack than usual for preschool...
Nate's snack: snap peas; vegetable gyoza; rice triangle; carrot; broccoli; pickle.


Kim C in NC said...

Ok...WOW! Just-Wow!! The stamp and the image that it produced is just amazing! Fantastic!

Sybil Runs Things said...

As usual, I'm blown away by everything, but I have a question-- how do you make the rice in those shapes? Specifically, what kind of rice do you use and how do you cook it, do you season it, etc etc?

veganf said...

I use sushi rice or regular long grain rice, cooked in a rice cooker. If I'm using the leftover for sushi I season it with a little seasoned rice vinegar, otherwise with nothing. Rolling or sprinkling some furikake or goma shio gives the rice shapes flavour & saltiness. I have plastic rice molds, but sometimes I'll use a little bowl, cookie cutter, or my hands. Whatever you use as a mold (hands included) needs to be a little wet so the rice doesn't stick. You might have a small soy sauce bowl or egg cup around the house already that would work well for round rice balls.

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

That stamp is beautiful!!!

Michelle said...

This is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I wish you were making my lunch. The variety of colours and textures is beautiful. I have to get us some better lunch containers.