Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's a ghoul anyways??

Being an avid reader of the fantasy genre and fan of similarly themed games, I am quite familiar with goblins, orc, trolls, zombies, vampires, and other monsters. But what the heck are ghouls? Kinda like zombies? Well, whatever they are, maybe they look like this...

Ryan & AJ's lunches: steamed asparagus; apple burrito; Tofurky flower; orange slices; crescent roll stuffed with broccoli & Daiya cheddar cheese, adorned with a veggie pepperoni mouth and autumn olives for eyes (I was lucky to find some autumn olives still fruiting yesterday, perfectly ripe).

I don't know quite how other people with multiple kids manage to take such lovely staged photos of their lunches every day. If I can manage to toss something down for a background I'm doing well, otherwise I just place it on the porch or on the walk or in the grass and hope for the best.
Seriously, by 8:50am on tuesdays & thurdays I am dizzy...4 breakfasts, 4 snacks, at least 1 diaper change and/or potty assistance, 4 people to dress, 4 snacks for later, 3 lunches to pack, teeth to be brushed before school...forget me getting time to sit and eat.
I know some people criticize those parents who show up still in their pajamas to drop off their kids at school...but that would be me most of the time, and I'm proud of it (and probably a heck of a lot more comfortable!). Maybe they have nannies or husbands who get up early to help? Handcuff the kids to the tv? Dunno. Or maybe they're like me, running in circles, trying not to trip.
Wait...I think I've figured out the secret: make duplicates of everything and take the nice photos AFTER the kids are at school...and then eat the extra bento oneself!!
This 2 1/2 hours twice a week with no kids in the house is really new to me. If I do sit down, I keep expecting to be interrupted...like I turn around sure someone is behind me who I might step on, and no one is there. Weird indeed!

Maia's lunch: orange pieces; Tofurky flower; snap peas; gherkin pickle; crescent roll stuffed with broccoli & Daiya cheddar cheese.

to use
ed a
roll like
brothers, so I packed him a nicer snack.

Still on the day's agenda: dropping husband off at the airport bus, final fall CSA share pickup, coming up with a name for our new favourite fall beverage!


Unknown said...

Loving the ghouls :D I barely manage in the mornings to photo one bento so I am impressed with you doing so many! And I am usually one of the parents at the bus stop with my jams on :P

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

The only time I've ever seen ghouls they wore human faces and ate he dead. It was an episode of Tales from the Crypt. Yours are much cuter! :)