Friday, October 15, 2010

fun friday

This week--okay, this MONTH--has been so busy with work stuff for my husband. So there haven't been many "cute" lunches. Just regular stuff. So I try to include a treat once in a while.

Ryan & AJ's lunches: steamed broccoli; sesame tofu; pineapple (for Ryan); rice; soy pudding on the side.

This weekend is a Wizard World convention in Boston. President Obama will be holding a rally for the current Massachusetts governor at the Hynes Convention Center, where my husband is running a Magic: The Gathering tournament. I'm sure there will be lots of added security, and parking issues, and tons
of fun costumes at New
England Comic Con
. There
will also be a booth where
you can demo Ascension, a
new game my husband
has just helped produce.

And my lunch... cold soba
noodles with greens, kizami
nori, scallions & cold tofu.

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