Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Birthday Blahs?

With the conclusion of the stomach bug, with me, while my husband was still in NYC, there was no point posting for a few days. Really, who would want to see kid-made pbj sandwiches and granola bars thrown into lunchboxes. Not so fun.

But since Ryan was the one to bring home the lovely virus from another friend's party the week before, he of course felt fine first, very ready to celebrate his own birthday.

I keep tweaking this cake
recipe. I love it. I suppose
I should post it some time.
Ryan and his dad both
like vanilla cakes with
fruit though. So VCTOTW
frosting and fresh berries
are their favourite
I also managed to toss
a cupcake into Ryan's
lunchbox. His requested
flavour lately has been
vanilla cocount almond.
And I cut an eight out
of a Goody Good Stuff
gummy candy.

And the rain continued, making outdoor photography miserable. To top it off, my camera battery died before I managed to get any good pics, and my phone was full and needed unloading. So I had to use whatever I got...
Ryan & AJ's lunches: soba noodles w/tatsoi; carrots; baby corn; edamame; peanuts (& raisins for AJ); mini zucchini muffin for AJ; dried aprictos for Ryan; 1/2 a strawberry.
These lunches were smaller than normal because their appetites were not as yet as hefty after a couple of days of being sick.

Maia's lunch: soba noodles w/tatsoi; edamame; baby corn; a strawberry.

And today's lunch was only for AJ. Ryan had a dentist appointment. His next set of molars are cramming his other teeth so tightly the dentist can barely even floss them, so they're already getting cavities. Poor kid will definitely need braces. Some of his adult teeth can't even fit into his mouth so they're coming in totally out of line. Luckily AJ has very well-spaced teeth. Ryan got some unlucky genes. At least he'll earn himself a trip to the movies this afternoon to see the Owls of Ga'hoole.
AJ's lunch: striped apples; peanut butter sandwich squares; green beans w/shoyu; green stuffed olive; carrots.


What Can He Eat? said...

Everything looks greats.

River said...

Happy belated birthday to Ryan! Aww, poor thing. I hope everything goes well with the braces :(