Thursday, September 30, 2010

orange you glad

It's pouring rain again!?! Well, it had to happen. After such a lack of rain here all summer, we're getting it now, just like we did in the spring. Most of the brooks in the area are completely dry, and the reservoirs and big rivers are super low.

I had nothing in the way of face food to prepare today without getting extremely creative. So no faces. Just food...Maia's lunch: leftover kale meatyball baked ziti; orange pieces; Tofurky lettuce rolls; mini pumpkin muffin; carrots; stuffed green olives; cucumber slices.

And Ryan seems to have picked up the other virus that I know some of his friends had, so another day home for him. He feels pretty much fine, just needs to be near the bathroom, poor kid.
AJ's lunch: mini pumpkin muffin; orange pieces; carrots; cucumber slices; Tofurky lettuce rolls; Thermos of leftover kale meatyball baked ziti (which in AJ's words is "AMAZING!").

Plus three dozen
mini banana muffins
left for preschool
with Nate this morning
for his class' snack.
Well, ALMOST three
dozen...a few always
seem to disappear when
I'm not looking! I hope
there's enough for
the kids to have seconds!


Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

Looks delish and love the boxes!

M said...

As always, this looks really yummy! I have to try to make ziti sometime.