Thursday, September 23, 2010


Well, it's the first full day of autumn. And our first day ever with all 4 kids in school where we could leave them for long enough to actually do something!!
I did brunch bentos for the boys today...

Ryan & AJ's lunches: tofu broccoli mini quiches; home fries; apple tart; raspberries; oranges.

We have a ton of local apples right now from Autumn Hills Orchard. So last night I whipped up a quick tart for after dinner...

I completely forgot
to photograph Maia's
snack before school
(and Nate asked for
a Zbar so no pic needed
for that) I quickly
opened her snack up at
school over her hook
and snapped a quick
pic. Maia's snack: mini cucumber slices; baby carrots; raspberries; Annie's gluten-free bunny cookies.

Then it was off for a quick hike up to Tippling Rock with my husband...
If you enlarge the picture
above you can see the
Hancock and Prudential
buildings in Boston in the

We snacked on some
sheep sorrel growing
at the top. It's very
sour and I've enjoyed
it since I was very

We got back to preschool as Maia was eating. They gave her a juice box, which explains why she wasn't eating very quickly, and why she didn't want lunch later. I asked that they please stick
with a small cup of water in the future, which is why I don't pack a drink. Kids tend to fill up on any drink you give them and then many parents wonder why they don't eat a healthy meal.

Next week will be
my first time packing
a lunchbox for Maia!
I doubt it will be much
bigger than her snack,
since the purpose of
school lunch is routine,
socialization, & self-help
skills...not eating, LOL.


Unknown said...

Yummy looking brunch!! And that tart...mmmm! I have an ever expanding list of things to do with our apple orchard haul :D

I'm with you on the water with lunch. On the rare occasions I let Kidlet take something else to drink I know to pack a smaller bento!

River said...

I'll take a piece of apple tart, please! I am so jealous of your local apples! We don't have something like that around here.

PS: Maia is growing up so fast! :)

Lunch Buckets said...

I love Maia's corn dress! I might be a teeny bit jealous. No, that would be wrong.