Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It seems that Mario and Nintendo characters are popular on many back to school bento blogs right now! We're no exception. Boys and video game characters usually go hand in hand.
Ryan & AJ's lunches: tofu salad sandwich w/celery, chives & lettuce on a wheat bun; mini zucchini muffin; strawberry gel cup; carrots; cucumber slices.

It's interesting making two pretty much identical lunches now. Ryan and AJ are only 15 months apart, and AJ has always had a pretty big appetite (he was 9lbs 5oz. when he was born and has always lived up to that!). I'm sure there will be days when I'll have to substitute some ingredients for him though as he is also my pickiest eater. There are a few things that Ryan doesn't like too, like raisins for instance. But AJ has more textural issues with certain foods, so I work with that.
AJ enjoyed his lunch and reportedly pretended he was Mario and played with his food like all good boys should. Tee hee. But he ate it all. And Ryan said he turned the eyes on the star into evil eyes by moving them a bit...ah yes, you can tell he's almost 8.

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