Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Plan B

First day of school. Done this many times. You'd think I'd know better.
What do the boys want for lunch?? Sushi. I knew that two weeks ago. Fine. I ALWAYS have such ingredients on hand.
Or do I...AJ and Ryan's lunches: rolled smoked Tofurky slice; carrot; rice triangle; 2 peanut butter cookies; striped apple slices; sesame tofu; steamed asparagus.
As you can see, this is NOT sushi. It's rather difficult to make sushi when you have one half strip of nori left, no cucumber, and a brown avocado (it looked good from the outside!). But the sushi rice was ready and cooled, so I whipped out the onigiri shapers and made rice triangles. And extra triangles and rice balls to freeze. Because you never know when you might need to resort to plan B!

As if a change in plans wasn't enough...Ryan's angst about the first day of school (though he said he was very excited) translated into incessant whining about EVERYTHING. AJ was waiting patiently by the door for me to pack his lunch, but I still needed to zip outside to snap a few photos of their bentos.
I asked AJ to move. I reached for the doorknob.
And then came another wounded seal cry from the floor as Ryan complained with renewed fervor about not being about to tie his shoelaces right.
I turned.
And it happened.
His bento slid right off the board I was carrying it on and upside down onto the kitchen floor.
In 5 minutes they needed to be at school. So I did what I had to do...
I scooped up the food from the floor and stuffed it back into the bento. It looked clean enough. Ten second rule, right??? And it still looked nice. Whew. Quick, take a couple of pictures, shove it in the lunchbox with a cold pack and a drink. And get them the heck out the door asap.

So here they are, refusing to crack smiles, waiting to go in to school on their first days of 1st and 2nd grade.

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x said...

What adorable rice faces! Your kids get the best lunches :D