Thursday, November 19, 2009

small packages & silly boys

It was
at 1pm
for the
so a

of bean,
herb crackers; a tiny Pez pack leftover from Halloween.

Next I wanted to show Nate's preschool snack, not because of the food so much as the size of the container. Bento snacks and lunches are meant to be packed efficiently, tightly arranged so that there is little excess space. This container is only holds 130ml and can fit in the palm of my hand, yet properly filled it can easily hold a nice snack for a preschooler.
Nate's snack: 2 dried apricots; 4 grape tomatoes; 3 squares of soy cheese; 3 herb crackers.

Any of you with multiple boys knows just how silly and crazy they can get. Besides the blocks and cars and toilet talk...

As I was getting Maia ready
for bed I walked in on a
conversation about "space
diapers" and they all started laughing hysterically.

And on our afternoons hike,
Ryan was "the King", AJ
was "the Queen", and...

...Nate was "the mad dragon", of course!

Don't worry, once the
snow starts to fly I won't
have all these daily
hikes to bore you all

AJ wanted to climb this
pine tree. I thought this
picture looked even better
turned 90 degrees counter
clockwise, LOL.


Happy Little Bento said...

Very nice and informative post! I agree with the tiny boxes, they make you think hard about what you need to pack. And, you and your kids are lucky to have the woods to explore the afternoons away...I bet you'll find a way to continue into the winter...

Anonymous said...

That is such a cute snack holder! I grew out of Pokemon, but I still think the characters are adorable.

Anonymous said...

It's funny you posted a photo of the size of the snack bento, mentioning it's the perfect size for a preschooler snack. When I was in Japan I picked up a really cute little one that same exact size (Hello Kitty of all things - I found a Hello Kitty store in Ueno). My reasoning for buying one so small? I figured it would help me scale down the size of my snacks I take to work since I tend to eat too much at break time!

veganf said...

That's great Melissa. I guess it would help me too! My snacks sometimes get out of control size-wise.
Hey, when you go to Japan again (hint, hint, soon right?) if you happen to see another mini Hello Kitty one I'd love one! I'll pay you of course. I don't think my husband is planning to go to the upcoming tournament in Japan this winter, boohoo! No bento goodies!

Anonymous said...

No problem! My husband will be back there again in February or March for business. I'm sure I could twist his arm and have him get one for you! Oh - the bottom is pink. I know of your intense dislike of pink. They may have others, though I didn't see any. I paid 450 yen for mine. I picked up a few bentos and accessories at a 100 yen store called Daiso (located inside of La La Square in Utsunomiya, but most likely a chain store everywhere in Japan). My husband always stays in Utsunomiya for work, so if you were so inclined to provide a somewhat small list of bento requests, I am certain he would be happy to accomodate! :o)

veganf said...

I'll PM you on VP Melissa!