Tuesday, November 3, 2009

getting into lunch

Ryan's lunch: veggie pepperoni twists; celery sticks; yellow bell pepper strips; a pickle; an olive; steamed purple broccoli-cauliflower; mini yellow gel cup.
Ryan hasn't had any
trouble using this two
tier bento, and it sure
fits perfectly into his
lunchbox. I really needed
to go grocery shopping
today, so I grabbed a
tube of crescent roll
dough from the back of
the fridge drawer and used up the pepperoni from some pizza last week. These can also be made using my quick pizza dough recipe...just brush with olive oil, then sprinkle on a little dried oregano, garlic powder, & vegan parmesan. Cut or roll the dough into strips, lay 2 strips side by side, place 2 pieces of pepperoni on one and twist around over the pepperoni. Cook at 375F for 10-12 minutes. Great with pizza or pasta sauce for dipping, though Ryan likes them plain.

Nate's snack: 2 pepperoni
twists; red bell pepper
strips; black olives.

Nate ate 2 of these at home
before school and loved
them, but pulled the "too
spicy" pepperoni out at
school. Go figure.

Maia likes to stay on
top of her reading!

She really gets into
her food. Ahem, sorry,
being a goof today!
But she is pretty cute...

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x said...

What a healthy looking lunch!