Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I've been offline a lot, getting ready for the big food holiday here in our country: Thanksgiving.
I took some fridge pics, and I was going to link back to the blog that I got the idea from--Raising Seven Vegans--but her blog appears to be GONE!!?? I am so sad! It was such a gem. It was one of those blogs where you say to yourself, "I hope I get to meet those people in real life some day". I hope everything's okay with them. There are many reasons people stop blogging, but it's hard when a blog is just deleted without ever knowing why. It's like reading a great book and having it suddenly go missing, and when you go to the library or Amazon to get a new one so you can continue reading it they tell you that it never existed. Nooooo!

Well, for better or for worse, here are my fridge pics...

The first set is before our winter farm share pickup, when we desperately needed groceries! But at least this way you get to see stuff at the back of the fridge for a change...
Top shelf, left: 2 bins of lettuce; a bottle of sake; 2 jars of homemade hot sauce; almond milk; Ryan's leftover breakfast cup (he never finishes his drinks!).
Top shelf, right: pitcher of homemade apple syrup; 2 tubs of miso; jar of capers; jar of grape jelly; big jar of marinated mushrooms; another container of apple syrup; jar of sunflower butter; bottle of agave nectar; maple syrup; jar of elderberry jam (made by my mother-in-law); vegan parmesan.
Middle shelf, left: tub of flax seeds; tin of tahini; jar of kimchee; tub of red thai curry paste; 1 can of natural cherry soda (leftover from Ryan's birthday last month); 3 tiny cans of tomato juice.
Middle shelf, right: tub of raw cashews; leftover homemade tofu salad; 1/4 of an avocado; jar of leftover homemade pickled radishes.
Small drawer, left: tubes of crescent rolls; container of tofu; package of chick'n Smart Strips; japanese pickled gourd strips (kanpyo); package of tempeh.
Bottom shelf, right: leftovers of my dinner the day before.

Bottom drawer, left: 2 thai chili peppers; 2 zucchini; a red bell pepper; green & purple kale; a bag containing a few sweet potatoes.
Bottom drawer, right: bag of shallots; big bag of carrots; bag of celery; cilantro; scallions and a cucumber (kind of hidden).

And the door...
Top left:
jar of
stick of
jar of
of DHA

tub of
ally used stick of Earth Balance; partially used tomato.
Middle shelf, left: rice milk; orange juice.
Middle shelf, right: mustard; various salad dressings; rice vinegar; ketchup; balsamic vinegar; lemon juice; red wine vinegar; sesame oil; canola oil; walnut oil.
Bottom shelf: baking soda; bag of yeast; ground flax meal; bottle of mirin; Worcestershire sauce; a couple jars of teriyaki marinades; chinese mushroom sauce; daquiri mixer.

And the next set are AFTER farm pickup:
Definitely some added greens, lots of kale, baby salad greens, leeks, swiss chard, bok choy. And more dinner leftovers in various glass containers.
And the bottom drawers have more scallions, radishes & salad turnips, and various herbs.

Then after pre-Thanksgiving grocery shopping! Whoa!

that we
for the
kids to
a couple
of diff-
an open
(that's gotta be Maia's), drink box for Ryan.
I didn't take another "door" picture, but there's a tub of Earth Balance spread, and a jar of probiotics.

Hope that wasn't too boring! I had fun seeing what was in another family's vegan fridge, so I just thought I'd share ours.

Ryan had a special meal planned for Dada when he returned from Rome, but his flight was delayed, so he had to wait a day, but here it is...
Between the square rolls
Ryan spread mustard &
Veganaise, then added
shredded carrot, avocado
& lettuce. Tasty!

Maia was just happy to
have Dada home again...

And today Ryan only had
a half day of school, so I
packed light for him, and
made it a treat of some

Ryan's snack: roasted corn; Ju Ju Stars; 1/2 mini bagel smoked Tofurky & lettuce sandwich.


Tahn said...

I know what you mean about 'Raising Seven Vegans'. Such a shame.
Thanks for posting what was in your fridge! I, too, loved looking at everyone else's (and wondering why I can't get it together enough to have a clean fridge!).
Although we don't celebrate TG here in Australia - Happy TG to you!

Rebecca said...

Wow, you have a big fridge!

It was interesting to see what was inside it.

Anonymous said...

I would like Ryan to come to my house and make me those sandwiches. They look delicious!

C K said...

I always followed them as well. Sad news. Blog was moved here. Home page says it all. They sure need our support.

Tahn said...

Hey Poookie - that blog was 'feeding little vegans' not 'raising seven vegans'. Just in case anyone was getting confused. They are different blogs.
Very sad news, though.

C K said...

Thanks for setting me straight, Seitahn. Horrible that the RSV site was fake. Sorry I was confused.