Saturday, November 7, 2009

restaurant review: Peace o' Pie

We had 30 minutes to waste
until Peace o' Pie in Allston
opened at noon on a sunday.
Luckily the boys were happy
to sit outside next to the
nearby fire station and play
their DSi. It was a sunny fall
day. They were not about to
complain. They were dying
to try this pizza!

The counter towered over
the boys, displaying various
vegan treats like cookies,
peanut butter cups, and
Dandies marshmallows. We
ordered a large pizza and
paid $1.50 extra for the
Daiya cheese (which I
reviewed here) that we
recently tried and the boys
really loved. The usual cheesy topping is Vegan Gourmet, which is my personal favourite so I'd like to order it some time cooked in a proper pizza oven.

The boys dragged a few chairs over to the counter to see over the top. They didn't want to miss the pizza making action! And AJ was very intent on keeping track of the timers affixed to the side of the oven keeping track of everyone's orders.

AJ was
by the
He has
pizza to
his future
he wants
to own
when he
grows up.

fresh hot vegan pizza (topped with spinach & black olives)!
Ryan was almost drooling
with anticipation. His
favourite "soda" Izze and
a certified vegan pizzeria
pizza. A first for all of us!

There were leftovers to
bring home for the rest
of the family to enjoy,
though I'll admit I had
seconds as soon as I got

Not sure when we'll
get there again, but I'm
hankering to try the
cheesy breadsticks,
calzones, and other
pizza toppings such as portobello mushrooms, smoked tempeh, pesto, and sun-dried tomato. Come on thursdays and you can even order your pizza gluten-free!

Now only one complaint...the lack of a public toilet within the restaurant. Sure, you can go nextdoor and beg to use theirs, but that's rather of annoying, especially when you've got kids in tow.

Peace o' Pie is located in Union Sq., 487 Cambridge St., Allston, MA. It is T accessible with on-street parking, with close access to I-90. 617-787-9884
Closed on mondays, the restaurant opens at noon on weekends, 5pm on weekdays.


Leela said...

Thanks for the review, can't wait to check ingredients for allergens (for us) and try them.

veganf said...

Definitely give them a call. They have a big "tell us if you have any allergies!" sign prominently displayed.

Caz said...

Nice looking pizza!

Just had to share that I made your baked cheesey chard last night (ty for fixing the link for me!) It was DIVINE and it was a huge hit.. so I shared it with my meager sized readership today!

veganf said...

Glad you enjoyed it! Chard is one of our faves, but probably the least liked green by the kids. Gotta be creative.

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious... followed your link here from the Peace O'Pie facebook page.

I'm wondering, did you notice any difference in taste and texture between the daiya and the Vegan Gourmet? It looks like it melts a bit better but would love your take on it. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, never mind... I just read your Daiya review. Good info...wish I didn't have to mail order food. :) Thanks!