Friday, November 7, 2008

Sugar Meltdown

The weekend was spent
eating the treats from the
boys' pumpkin bags.
I left plates of healthy food
around for healthy snacks
& meals.

The 3 boys can wipe out
a platter of food like
this in under 5 minutes.
I can't imagine the
spread I'll have to
make when they're
in their teens.

Ryan's lunch: sunflower butter & jam sandwich; carrots; grapes; green beans; broccoli; a pickle.

I'm keeping food simple this week as we really have to use any free time to clean out our basement that flooded last week. I won't post the heartbreaking photos of soggy Hello Kitty puzzles I'd bought in Japan, lots of books, or my husband's first publishing venture that all went into the dumpster.
AJ's snack: green
beans; grapes;

Nate's lunch: rice ball; baby corn; a pickle; kiwi; sesame tofu; carrot; bell pepper strips; cherry tomatoes.

AJ's snack: rice
triangle; sesame
tofu; baby corn;
a pickle.

No public kindergarten
on Election Day.

Ryan's lunch: rice & miso chik'n donburi; a pickle; baby corn; steamed asparagus; whole wheat cabbage & shiitake dumpling; homemade raw cashew/tofu "cheese"; kiwi.

AJ's snack: 1/2
sandwich; tamari
flax crackers;
a carrot.

husband's lunch: miso
chik'n donburi & rice;
steamed asparagus;
dumpling; kiwi; a recycled
vegan donut holes
plastic package!


I woke up with a migraine & mastitis, any very few groceries left. It was also Ryan's parent-teacher conference in the afternoon; his teacher said she wishes she "had a room full of Ryans".
Ryan's lunch: sesame tofu; "basketball" rice ball; mini banana walnut muffin; orange slices; cashew "cheese"; chinese green beans & asparagus.

Nate's lunch: rice cube;
orange segments; green
beans & asparagus; a
fortune cookie; tamari
flax crackers; sesame

AJ's snack: Veggie
Booty; rice triangle;
green beans &
asparagus; sesame

Ryan's lunch: wheat flax crackers; smoked almond crackers; Veggie Booty; hummus; peas; 2 meatless meatballs; Annie's fruit snacks; applesauce.

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half pint pixie said...

Just wanted to say how impressive your lunches look! I have a 2 year old and I'm saving up all these ideas for when she needs lunches :)