Sunday, November 16, 2008

Review: Super Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop

We have a couple of weeks in between our last weekly farm share and our first monthly winter share pick-up. This year's weather yielded the worst harvest in a decade, I didn't have time to freeze or dehydrate much because of the new baby, and our boys' appetites are ever on the increase. So for the past 2 weeks, most of our food has come from the grocery store.

I shop at 2 stores weekly, another every few weeks, and a wholesale club every few months as necessary. But at least half of our groceries come from Stop & Shop. I'm writing this review because I am really impressed with recent changes at our local store.

* Reusable bags are really being pushed, for sale at every checkout. A discount is given for each bag used. Other stores have commented that the design of the bags from Stop & Shop are easiest to load.
* Stickers on almost every label in the produce department indicate where the food originated, so it's simple to avoid purchasing oranges from S. Africa versus Florida, or tomatoes shipped from Mexico versus hydroponically grown in nearby Quebec, Canada. And when a very local item appears in stock, a big sign goes up alerting customers, ie. corn, tomatoes & lettuce were good local buys this summer.
* An ever growing line of store-brand organics, from fresh produce to canned goods to vegan burgers are available at low prices.
* There are healthier
options at some check-out
lines, such as water, fruit
cups, raw veggies &
dip, etc. Not refrigerated
items include Luna bars,
Gerber veggie puffs,
Sun Chips & pretzels.
* The manager at our local
store on Old Connecticut
Path in Framingham is very
competent at answering
questions, helping customers, and reducing long lines at the check-outs. The only thing lacking is staff to help you get your groceries unloaded into your vehicle.

Stop & Shop also has a grocery delivery service. Unfortunately their online store doesn't stock as many natural and organic food items like their stores do.

Stop & Shops are located around New England and NY state. I give them a big thumbs up as a model for a mainstream supermarket. What are your favourite big-name stores doing to win you over?

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River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

Stop & Shop sounds like a winner! Our local supermarket chain is Dierbergs, they've been selling reusable bags for a while but they don't offer any discounts for bringing your own bag. They are OK, but there's lots of room for improvement!