Friday, November 21, 2008

Feels Like Winter

The weekend was busy with haircuts, donor milk drop-off, and sushi.

Maia is getting used to
hats & mittens as the
weather cools off. Within
3 days the weather was
70 degrees and sunny,
40 and rainy, or 18 degrees
at night with frost on the
ground come morning.


AJ's snack:

Ryan's lunch: mini pumpkin muffin; broccoli; meatless meatballs; fruit salad; baguette slices.

Ryan's lunch: Ian's Alphatots (letter potatoes); blueberries; Tofurky sandwich; mini banana walnut muffin; green beans; ketchup for dipping potatoes.

Nate's lunch:
potatoes N-A-T-E;
green beans;

AJ's snack:
green beans;

I brought a friend with a
new baby some food:
Chick Pea and Roast
Vegetable Salad from The
Essential Christmas Cookbook
and a fall pack of mini
pumpkin muffins (I made
two batches this week
with our remaining farm

I caught Maia and AJ
gazing at each other
on the floor. I don't do
"tummy time"; when
she's ready she can
get there and do it on
her own.

Ryan's lunch: carrots; cucumber; Tofurky deli slice "flower"; blueberries; roasted vegetable pizza slice; mini banana walnut muffin; peanut butter cookie w/dark chocolate topping.

I sent a Thanksgiving
gift swap off to a friend:
a mug filled with Lake
Champlain dark chocolates
on the bottom, peanut
butter cookies, mini pumpkin
muffins, and a pack of
homemade note cards.

Nate's lunch & AJ's snack.

a tiny
a grape;
1/3 Amy's

Ryan's lunch: vegetable crackers w/Tofutti cream cheese; baguette slices; blueberries; cucumber slices; a mini gel cup; a Thermos of chili!

Today was our first
winter farm share
pickup! Despite a high
of 34 degrees, the
greenhouses were busy
with people collecting
their produce.

Outside the collards greens were withered from frost, but inside the new mobile greenhouse remay covered rows of thriving greens. Out in the fields root vegetables were hunkered down awaiting harvesting during the next couple of months. Not bad for New England!

First winter farm share: 13 pounds of root vegetables including white potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips, carrots, rutabagas; 4 winter squash (Ryan picked out the 2 biggest & the 2 smallest he could find, urf!); swiss chard; green & purple bok choy; leeks; scallions; lettuce; cabbage; spinach; mixed baby asian greens.
Ryan ran around checking out the condition of the children's garden and tasting chives from the herb garden that were still viable. I grabbed a few sage leaves that were still in perfect condition.


River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

Your kids are so adorable gazing at each other!
The deli slice "flower" is just genius!

Maida said...

Our weather turned just as suddenly-- sunny and warm one day, cold and rainy the next; although, out here in CA, our weather isn't nearly as severe as yours, I can imagine.

I just love the creative ways you pack the kids' lunches. I never get tired of seeing what you come up with. They are all so adorable (your kids, that is). :)

veganf said...

heh heh, I think the food is adorable too! But thank you.

Anonymous said...

Your kids are so cute. The veggies look awesome. My husband likes your blog too. It reminds him of home. He grew up in Framingham. By the way, I can send you the pecan pie recipe if you like. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


veganf said...

Krys - I'd LOVE the pecan pie recipe!
If you all ever get back to Framingham for a visit we'll have to get together!
- Krista

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

Hey, you got an award! Check out my blog! :)

Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

Wow. What a beautiful blog, and adorable kids. Makes me miss mine as babies. Almost.... The teenage years can be amazing and wonder-filled as well... I'll definitely be back.

SW said...

Great lunch variety for the children. Is your pumpkin muffin recipe your own? There is a pumpkin-miso muffin recipe at that I have been wanting to try.


veganf said...

bonbon and sapid - Yes, any recipe that I post here is my own unless otherwise stated.
Pumpkin miso sounds appealing, I'll have to check it out!