Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Book Review: Vegetarian Sushi Made Easy

Vegetarian Sushi Made Easy, by Hiroko Fukuhara & Yasuko Takahata

Have you always wanted to make more than just your basic maki sushi, but not anything TOO complicated? Are you looking for some more ingredients in your vegetarian sushi besides cucumber and avocado? Want to make some easy eye-catching sushi for your next party?
Time to check out this cookbook.

Vegetarian Sushi Made Easy
is packed with full color photos
of healthy sushi. There are
many simple styles of sushi to
choose from: finger sushi, sushi
rolls, tossed sushi, sushi balls,
sushi pockets & pressed sushi.

A great ingredient glossary
introduces an array of healthy
Japanese foods that can be
incorporated into your sushi.

If you're looking for a beautiful approach to vegan sushi, this is it. What a wonderful resource for veggie bento recipes! And if you want all the taste but don't have the time, a tossed sushi 'salad' is super quick. This book will inspire you to create gorgeous, healthy sushi no matter what your skill level.

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half pint pixie said...

I have this book, the photos in it are stunning! But I am such a kappa-maki girl, I haven't branched out & made anything from this book yet, but I often flick through it!