Monday, November 10, 2008

Restaurant Review: Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut
Natick, MA

How did we end up at the Pizza Hut in Natick on a sunday morning at 11:30am? The public school gives out free pizza coupons to the kindergarteners who read the most books. While I do not approve of rewarding reading with food, what's done is done; Ryan came home with a Pizza Hut coupon and was very excited to have earned it.

I used to go to Pizza Hut every wednesday evening in high school. Back then I was lacto-ovo veg, not vegan. After hearing we'd just taken the kids to Pizza Hut, an acquaintance asked me, "What on Earth can a family of vegans eat at Pizza Hut?" LOL. The list is short, but satisfying...

Their thin & crispy (my fave), hand-tossed, and dessert crust dough are all vegan, so you just have to specify which kind when ordering. All the pasta is vegan. Some of their pasta/pizza sauce is vegan, some aren't, so again you have to specify. But even their dessert icing is vegan! And many have a salad bar.

We usually order the
Veggie Lover's thin &
crispy style without
the cheese. Often they'll
swap out the cheese
from a single-topping
pizza with an extra veggie
for the same cost (for
Ryan in this case).
And we just order water
since all the drinks are
junk in my opinion.

Their available veggie toppings are mediocre. But what has changed the most over the years is the value...or lack thereof. The Veggie Lover's pizza is not very impressive, except for the whopping pricetag. Still, for a family of our size, spending only $20 on lunch isn't bad I guess.

Service at our local Natick
franchise was slow but
friendly. It's a smaller
dining area, but this Pizza
Hut gets a lot of take-out
& delivery business.

Not someplace I'd choose
to eat often, but I'm
sure we'll be here again
with more reading reward
coupons. Sigh.

This Pizza Hut is located on the dreaded route 9, eastbound, in the Sherwood (Christmas Tree Shops) Plaza.
508-650-1100. 1274 Worcester Road, Natick.

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