Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"P"ita "P"izza

"P" is just too darned easy. In the kids book Eating The Alphabet, P is the only letter to earn two pages! I avoided my favourite P ingredient, pumpkin, and still had to cull my list...

Ryan's "P" lunch:
pepperoni pita pizza;
pineapple, peaches, &
plums; pea pods; a
pickle; peanuts; pretzels.

And of course served in
a Pokemon bento with
a Pokemon napkin!

Yesterday after school, Dada took all the boys for haircuts, and afterwards out for sushi, so the leftovers made for nice snacks...
Ryan's snack: cucumber & avocado sushi; baby carrots; oriental crackers.
AJ's snack: inari; baby carrots; oriental crackers.
Nate's snack: baby carrots; grapes; oriental crackers.

My food yesterday...
7am- soaked steel cut oats w/blueberries & cashew creme.
9am- 1 banana; 6 baby carrots.
11am- 1 banana; handful of almonds, raisins & date pieces.
1:30pm- 1 banana; handful of almonds, raisins & date pieces.
3:30pm- zucchini "pasta" w/sauce: sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, pine nuts, spinach, brine-cured olives, tomato, salt, olive oil.
5pm- blueberries w/cashew creme.

I knew since my husband
returned from a trip to
California the day before
that I'd head out for a long
hike, so I planned ahead
and soaked some steel cut
oats overnight--a hearty
breakfast to keep me going
for almost 6 miles.

When I returned I craved the usual heaping bowl of pasta. Instead I peeled 2 zucchini into ribbons and made a yummy salty sauce to coat it. Super yum.


Unknown said...

P is a great letter, so many tasty things in the lunch! Plus a Pokemon box :D

Happy Little Bento said...

Love pizza for bento, love the Pokemon box (I have it too!), love the mushroom box too! Just love!