Monday, February 22, 2010

"O"pen "O"bento!

Oh boy! It's "O" day! I'm more than half way through the alphabet! This letter turned out to be easier than I expected. I had planned to have some oshinko maki sushi in there, but when I looked in the fridge it turned out we were out of takuan! So instead I battered up half an onion to fill in the space I had left...

Ryan's "O" lunch: onion rings; onigiri; olives; oriental crackers; orzo salad w/olive oil; oranges.

Here's a pic of my dinner
from saturday evening.
I thought of it like a raw
pasta topping--without
the pasta--or a salad.
Kinda hard to decide!

It's easier to get backlogged
by one day so that I don't
have to wait until I'm done eating for the day to post. So here is what I ate yesterday...

7:30am- smoothie: 1 banana, 1/2 a mango, 6 frozen cherries, liquid DHA, water.
9:30am- 1/2 an avocado; handful of raisins & date pieces.
12:30pm- a pickle; a salad: romaine lettuce, tomato, dressing of olive oil, lemon juice & garlic.
2:30pm- blueberries w/cashew "whipped cream".
5:30pm- 2 sliced bananas w/almond butter.

The "whipped cream" recipe
from Juliano's RAW turned
out well, though I added a
bit of agave nectar and a
lot of water to make it
smoother. It was very tasty!
Fresh orange juice and a few
drops of almond extract made
it a perfect compliment to a
bowl of berries.

After a hike yesterday I
could have eaten a lot
more, but I opted for
just a couple of bananas
topped with some filling
raw almond butter.


Happy Little Bento said...

Cute, love your Onigiri!

Unknown said...

A perfect O lunch! I can't believe how far you've come in the alphabet!

Anonymous said...

What kind of rice do you use to make your onigiri? And what do you put in the middle? Just curious because I bought two onigiri shaper thingies the last time I was in Japan and I have yet to do anything with them.

veganf said...

I use either sushi rice or regular chinese sticky rice. In the middle I usually just put a little spinach for the kids, or miso spinach. But for me I like scallion & miso, spicy greens, plum paste, or red beans. We had the leftovers for dinner, and I just made rice triangles covered in different furikake and goma shio.

Anonymous said...

Spicy greens inside sound great. I thought about reconstituting some shiitakes and sauteing them in shoyu and using that as a filling. I'm going to try my hand at it this weekend.