Thursday, February 4, 2010

"J"ury duty?

Oh jeez, I fell asleep sooo early last night and never even unloaded my camera, much less got to blogging about it!
Wouldn't you know, I've been summoned for jury duty a FOURTH time. Seriously, that's more than once each decade folks, and considering I wasn't an adult for half that time I think that's just too often. I will get out of it again, of course, thanks to yet another nursing baby. My first time the case settled very quickly. But still, what is it about me??!!

I don't think this lunch would earn the best grade...the supermarkets here in the winter don't have quite the variety I was hoping jicama, jerusalem artichokes, nor vegan jellybeans. I bought a jalapeno, but really, there aren't too many dishes showcasing a hot pepper that a 7 year old is going to enjoy!
Ryan's "J" lunch: julienned vegetables; creme cheez & jelly sandwich; "J" melon; juice.

I thought this was pretty
funny...instead of just
listening to the radio, my
husband plugs himself
in to NPR, and then the
baby steals half of it and
puts it in her ear. Is new
technology really that

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Happy Little Bento said...

Sorry about the jury duty, but you have a great bento anyway! J is a hard one.