Thursday, February 11, 2010

"N"ything goes

Honestly, I'd bought a whole bag of navel oranges for "N" day, but my husband ate them. He does that with oranges. I should have bought 3 bags. Hrumph.
Anyhow, I tossed in a non-N food, some fresh salsa I'd just made, since I couldn't leave lunch looking so bland again.
And then this afternoon I was making applesauce from a bunch of apples I'd gotten off the discount cart at the supermarket, along with a package of other random fruit...plums, pears, and wouldn't you know it, nectarines. I didn't even check. Dumb.
Alas, this lunch has some odds 'n Ns...
Ryan's "N" lunch: nuggets (w/a side of ketchup); nuts; pineapple mango salsa; nachos with chreez sauce.

Again, if you send your husband out for anything, you have to be specific. Nachos are supposed to be round in my opinion, but not in his. Doesn't really matter I guess.


Happy Little Bento said...

Nice Nummy luNch!!

Alone in Holy Land said...

Oh, I do love your alphabet foods!
Anyways, please do visit my blog. There is an award there waiting for you.
My best,