Wednesday, December 23, 2009

last school day of 2009

Last day of school before the holiday break! I didn't have time to get real fancy this morning...
Ryan's lunch: spiral fries w/ketchup; cucumber slices adorned w/soy cheese stars; peanut butter sandwich crackers; a forelle pear on the side.

The boys baked oatmeal carrot cookies with me last night. I honestly had to think for a moment to figure out Ryan's drawing...a freshly baked cookie, duh...but at first I thought it was a meatball or a flaming meteor, or...anyhow...
AJ's teacher is new this
year, so all of the children
in the class are giving her
a book to add to the class
library. One of AJ's
favourite's is Little Blue
and Little Yellow
by Leo
Lionni. So we printed up
a picture of AJ to affix
inside the front of the

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Kumudha said...

Adorable lunch every day!