Friday, December 11, 2009

It must be friday

Oy. Just finished a shift on the Death Star construction. Almost 11pm and I'm just getting to the computer!Ryan's lunch: blueberries; mixed nuts; baby carrots; steamed broccoli; english muffin pizza.

Both AJ and Nate
needed a cupcake
for class birthdays

Regardless of the
"fruit only" policy
in AJ's class, I was
told to bring "some-
thing special" for
him. Once again the
food policy was
ignored and the
parent brought in
pizza for the class
(at the last birthday
rice krispie treats
were served).

For the final day of
the school's food drive
AJ brought a box of
brown quick rice and
Ryan brought a bag
of organic flour.

Nate's lunch
for grandma's
house: mixed
nuts; steamed
broccoli; blue-
berries; english
muffin pizza.

It was super
cold & windy
today, so very
little time was
spent outside.
The kids were
certainly tired and restless at the same time by the end of the day. Two more days until Dada gets home from Philadelphia. Then he can help with the Death Star!

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