Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Mama!

Wow! I got another award! And this one is legit! LOL Love it!

Many thanks to Diana
at the French blog
Bento Concept for
the honors! She
actually had 3 awards
to share. I am happy
to be among them!

Ryan's lunch: green beans dressed w/soy sauce; edamame; rice; vegetable gyoza; carrots.

Today was the first day of December, so it was time to reveal the annual "Countdown to Xmas" calendar to the kids. To be honest, this year's is not very impressive!! I remembered about it last night, was almost too
tired to bother, so I
whipped it up with some
stamps, a black ink pad,
a craft knife, and a pen.
LOL. But the boys all
loved it anyway! This was
the first year Nate really
understood it, and he
can't wait until tomorrow.

Nate had a cupcake for
his preschool snack
today. It's always good
to keep an emergency
stash of frozen cupcakes
on hand for school birth-
days. I just take one out
first thing in the morning,
then whip up a teeny bit
of frosting with some melted margarine, icing sugar, and a dribble of rice milk...colouring or sprinkles optional!

I was procrastinating
the grocery shopping,
so I had to hunt around
for items the boys could
bring in for the school
food drive today: a bag
of barley for Ryan, a box
of rice pilaf mix for AJ.

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Tahn said...

Congrats on your blogging award!! Well deserved!