Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Among the many games our boys like is Bakugan. Ryan has only seen the tv show once, but he loves the games and sometimes chooses to battle Dada on game night. It's actually a really cool concept...little balls that pop open into creatures...the trick is that the cards have a magnetic strip inside...but they'll also pop open on a variety of surfaces: the refrigerator, lampposts, etc. You get the idea. Ideal boy toys.
Ryan's Bakugan lunch:
pickles; raspberries;
smoked Tofurky, soy
cheese, lettuce, Vegan-
aise sandwich on an
english muffin adorned
with a soy cheese Bakugan
logo w/nori letters and
red bell pepper; black
olives; cucumber slices;
gel cup on the side.

And can I just complain
about how expensive
packaged baking mixes
are??! So glad I bake from
scratch! I tried to buy a
few for the school food
drive and ran out of
money...I got a few...but
it'll be a stretch to come
up with something for
the rest of the week! I'll
have to be more frugal
when I write next week's
shopping list! So today is
a box of Morning O's
cereal for AJ, and some
carrot muffin mix for Ryan.


Unknown said...

Cute cute lunch! I will have to show this to Kidlet in the morning, he is in love with anything Bakugan. I am in the process of making his birthday cake for this weekend which will hopefully look like a card with drago open on it. We shall see lol.

Happy Little Bento said...

Excellent job!