Thursday, December 10, 2009

the impossible

If my posts suffer, it's probably due to the fact that the Lego Death Star arrived a few days ago. 3803 pieces. And the boys want to try to complete it by December 25th.
"My men are working as fast as they can."
"Perhaps I can find new ways to motivate them."
Ryan's lunch: stuffing; Tofurky & soy cheese twirls; corn; baby carrots; mini pumpkin muffin.

For the food drive...
AJ: whole wheat
angel hair pasta,
Ryan: apple cinnamon
muffin mix.

Only one more day
to go!
Nate' preschool snack:
baby carrots; a pickle;
mini pumpkin muffin;
2 black olives; Tofurky
& soy cheese twirls.

1 comment:

Happy Little Bento said...

Not impossible! As Master Yoda says, there is no try, only do. Can't wait to see!