Monday, July 6, 2009


I don't believe it. We had SUN this weekend! Perfect for 4th of July weekend outside...Picnic in the park: cucumber & soy cheese stacks w/red bell pepper stars; honeydew melon & strawberries; black bean & corn salad; potato salad w/avocado & garlic scapes; leftover homemade pizza w/mushrooms & green olives; zucchini brownies.I think I need to get a second picnic bento, since it's not enough food for a family of I made an extra side bento...
Striped apple chunks w/soy cheese stars; roasted beet & cucumber pizza (from my Bento: Impossible challenge); blueberries; raisins & peanuts.

Maia wore shoes for the first
time, and enjoyed herself in
the swing, and crawling around
picking clover flowers.

Nate was tired after playing
on the playground for a
long time. He got a ride back
to the car from dada.

While the big boys rode their
Power Wing scooters around,
Maia fell asleep on my back.

The next day was a quick
muffin tin picnic in the yard...
Row 1: new pickles; red bell pepper & snow peas; peanuts & raisins; honeydew melon chunks.
Row 2: vegetable dumplings; cucumber slices; cinnamon wheat toast triangles; carrot & celery sticks.
Row 3: black raspberries; smoked Tofurky rolls; edamame; flat pretzels.

Then it was off to a bbq
with a mini bouncy house,
ladder golf, tag, Guitar
Hero, and lessons in veganism
for Nate who was offered
M&Ms and half moon cookies.

He wasn't too happy to
have us take away food
given to him by others,
but I always offer a
replacement, and a promise
to bake or buy an equivalent
later if it's something they'd
really like to try. Usually it's
quickly forgotten.

Nate is at the age of starting
to understand more complex
ideas and the many Why's...
His drawings are beginning to take on some shape, and he can write all his letters and his name.

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