Friday, July 10, 2009

Farm Camp Finale

My Hello Kitty calendar
said that yesterday was
Keroppi's birthday. So that
was my theme for the boys'
final day of farm camp. I've
always thought Keroppi
was pretty cute. He's definitely
a secondary Sanrio character,
but he's got a simple sort of
charm. He's certainly the
outdoorsy type, and one of the
few cool boy characters in the
Sanrio universe.
Ryan & AJ's lunches: blueberries for Ryan, watermelon for AJ; ginger asparagus; Tofurky "flowers"; rice Keroppi w/soy cheese & nori eyes; cantaloupe flowers; roasted rosemary potatoes.
Maia... Ryan

Nate... AJ

The boys were disappointed camp didn't last longer. And Nate is impatiently waiting until he is 4 so that he can go too. Of course next year Ryan will be almost 8 and too old.
Of course they can visit the farm any time. Ryan is tall enough for the single rope swing now.

They picked bouquets on
the last day to bring home.
The mix of flowers and
herbs is quite fragrant!

Farm camp activities included:
picking & washing carrots for
sharer pickup, worm hunts,
bug jars, drawings, picnics, reading, treasure hunts (with vegan cookies hidden!) & wool balls with bells inside (not a vegan project, I know, but still educational learning how to make a toy that used to be quite common, with wool brought by someone local with a small well-cared for group of sheep). Here are a few of their drawings:
Dinner was a muffin tin picnic:Row 1: Gerber peach puffs (don't ask me why, but I seem to buy these maybe once a year or so and the kids make it through half the container then get tired of them); watermelon slices; carrot sticks; blueberries.
Row 2: Nutz Over Chocolate Luna bar; fresh shelled peas; vegetable crackers & soy cheese; steamed broccoli.
Row 3: cucumber slices; cinnamon wheat toast; orange slices; peanuts & raisins.

Maia has begun to share the muffin tin meals too, which means I have to watch carefully to avoid her grabbing any choking hazards! Though I admit she's already had peanuts AND popcorn thanks to her very generous brothers. Oy!

Dada brought home 99 cent
vegan mini cupcakes from
Blue Shirt Cafe to celebrate
the sale of one of his businesses.
I can't count the number of
smoothies and wraps I ate
from there while pregnant
with Ryan!

Of course I had also baked a
plum raspberry crumble similar
to this recipe by Ina Garten,
with about a pint of black
raspberries from our bushes!


Lunch Buckets said...

I guess there's some reason why I don't have a Hello Kitty calendar, but I'm not quite sure what it might be. Also, I want that muffin tin lunch. Now would be good.

Becky said...

I was OBSESSED with Keroppi years ago, so seeing those bentos was really fun for me! I had Keroppi everything from toothbrushes to chewing gum. I even had a Keroppi bulletin board hanging in my bedroom. I would have died for one of those bento lunches!

veganf said...

I should have put it in an actual Keroppi bento, but the ones I have are a little too small...maybe for Nate!