Saturday, July 31, 2010

Maia turns 2

A quick post about Maia's second birthday, before I start unloading my camera. I've got some recipe posts lined up. :-)

If you can't tell from the
pictures, Maia gots lots
of Hello Kitty for her
birthday. I'd been saving
the Hello Kitty building
block (kind of like Lego)
for quite a while. I had
picked it up while in
Tokyo and it has both
English and Japanese characters, and the completed set makes a Hello Kitty scene.
Most of her gifts came from her two grandmothers, with plenty of Hello Kitty among those as well.

There were many outfit changes to accommodate new dresses. I just realized I have more pics on my phone that haven't been unloaded. But I ended up buying a Moo Cluck cake because our oven broke!

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M said...

Happy Birthday to Maia!