Friday, April 2, 2010

most boring bento award

Slacker! Yes, that's me!! I didn't make an April Fool's bento, or even an Easter bento! Though admittedly bunnies and chicks and eggs don't have great appeal to a 7 year old boy...I'll have to wait until Maia is older.

I didn't even think Tuesday's
lunch warranted a large

Ryan's lunch: Tofurky
bagel sandwich; cucumber
slices; baby carrots;

Ryan's lunch: fresh pineapple & strawberries; blanched spinach; mini pita triangles w/peanut butter; mini gel cup; grapes; mini banana blueberry muffin; steamed asparagus; gherkin pickle; smoked Tofurky rolls.

There were a few birthday
parties to contend with, so
we all enjoyed some cup-
cakes...chocolate with
vanilla icing and melted
dark chocolate stripes.


Ryan's lunch: grapes;
dark chocolate covered
pretzels; brown rice w/
stirfry (bok choy, broccoli,
asparagus, snap peas, baby
corn, chik'n strips). I was
happy to find fresh baby
corn at the regular super-

The rains FINALLY
stopped. Our county was
ultimately declared a
disaster area (giving every-
one an extra month on taxes)
and earning our town a brief
visit from President Obama.

So we moved the picnic table
up the yard a bit, above the
water level, and enjoyed a
dinner in the sunshine. We
had corn, rolls, roasted pota-
toes, salad, pineapple & straw-
berries, sauteed spinach, &
bbq tempeh.

So what did I do inside during all that rain?? Obviously I wasn't making fancy bento. I was busy with another creative hobby though. Here is one of the many stamps I carved:


Courtney said...

Your bentos look yummy!!! I LOVE your carved stamp too!!! It's amazing!!

Susan Yuen said...

I always love your bentos! :D I can't believe that you carved those stamps! You are so super talented! :D Hope you all have a very Happy Easter.

dirtyduck said...

hi what a fun site, those cupcakes are vegan??look very good:)

Shelly said...

That stamp is beautiful! What does it say?

veganf said...

Well, I don't want to give it away as it's part of a letterboxing hunt...I'll be hiding it this summer in NH.

Tlieso said...

That stamp is amazing! You;re so talented. It reminds me of LOTR.