Wednesday, April 28, 2010

cantina characters

So many great Star Wars characters to choose from! I think I like how Greedo turned out best...
Ryan's lunch: tofu salad
sandwich on wheat bun,
topped with 4 Mos Eisley
cantina characters; straw-
berries; steamed broccoli.

From left to right...the jawa:
flax wheat rollup, nori,
carrot...the green-eyed alien:
smoked Tofurky, cucumber, nori...big headed musician: corn muffin, black olive, nori...Greedo: gherkin pickle, black olive, nori. Everthing was adhered using either Marmite or agave nectar.
The drinks are soy cheese, nori & blue food marker...and carrot and nori. The little white ice cubes (or maybe money?) are just soy cheese.


Unknown said...

Oh how cute! You got the characters perfectly :D Kidlet is jumping up and down begging me for Star Wars lunch now lol

Happy Little Bento said...

So creative and a fantastic job! I'm singing the song in my head now :D