Monday, December 29, 2008

My First Bento Giveaway!

For my upcoming 10,000th hit (yep, that's it folks) I wanted to give away a little token something. So from now until then (some time this week I assume), leave me a comment answering the following questions:

What is your favourite winter holiday/celebration?
What food do you eat/cook to celebrate?

The lucky winner will receive these 2 food pick sets:

I am not a big football
fan, (okay, I did have
season tickets one year
at Syracuse University),
but I know many people
are. The Superbowl is
coming up on Feb. 1st,
so I should have plenty
of time to ship these to the recipient. Besides the obvious bento applications, these would be great for Superbowl party appetizers, sandwiches, or cupcake toppers. Have fun!

I'll use my super high-tech random 6yo-pick-a-number out of the winter hat generator to determine the winner this sunday, January 4th. So spread the word!


Amanda said...

Hey if I am the only comment do I automatically win?!?!?!?

Just kidding. My favorite holiday, based on food, is going to have to be Rosh Hoshannah. Unlike Passover, there are no limits on the way food can be prepared, so you get all the best of Jewish cuisine, if you can call it that ;-) Challah, brisket, sweet n sour meatballs, matzo ball soup, rugelah, kugel. Yum.

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

How cool! 100,000 hits! Your lunch boxes are beyond amazing, so I am not surprised you get so many hits!

It wouldn't be fair for me to enter the giveaway though, because I don't ever pack lunch boxes (no kids) and we never entertain (hermits)! But good luck to everyone else! YAY!

veganf said...

nonono, TEN thousand hits. I'll be giving away something way cool for 100K, you can count on it!

Pikko said...

Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog! Cute lunches you have here! I'll enter your contest, since I am a football fan. ^_^

I like New Year's the best. In Hawaii we have lots of foods that have roots in my memories as a Japanese American. Ozoni (new year's soup with mochi) is really yummy but the best is the New Year's mochi. I'll post about that soon I'm sure, since I have to go pick mine up today.

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

Sorry! Big ole typo!! :)

Leslie said...

One of my favorite holidays has to be Halloween. I make a little treat that is called Dirt. LOL It is extra thick pudding mixedwith abit of whipped cream. Then I let the kids beat up a pack of oreos and sprinkle it on top of the pudding. We then make headstones out of milano cookies. I did make some cute orange rice "pumpkin" rice balls for bentos this year.

I wanted to make a special Christmas bento for my boys and never got around to it.

My Dh will make a great superbowl treat. LOL He takes cream cheese and shapes it like a football and puts it in a "field" of chiliverde salsa.

Erin said...

Ooh I want to enter! It's still the night of the third where I am. And I even like football.

My favorite holiday this time of year is definitely Christmas. Coming from the south I prefer the southern favorites we used to eat, or now my vegan takes on them - corn pudding, chicken n' dumplings, sweet potato salad, broccoli slaw. All the good stuff.

veganf said...

Any last minute entries?? I'll do the drawing this evening.

Misty said...

Oooo - favorite holiday/winter celebration? That's a toughie. I would probably say Solstice. We normally turn out all the lights, light candles and a fire (if the air quality allows), and then talk about the coming year and what we're looking forward to! It's so peaceful!

Misty said...

Oh, I forgot to add that I usually make a soup dinner for Solstice! Next year I want to get more creative. My friend makes this amazing sun bread, and I saw a really cute sun cake on another blog - I'll have to come up with something creative next year.

J said...

New Years is my favorite. We change what we eat every year, but we spend it at the beach - a bunch of families and kids in a huge house. This year we grilled shrimp and fish for burritos with some amazing tempeh and guacamole for our veg friends.

Jasmine said...

My favorite holiday has to be Thanksgiving. I love the traditional Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, stuffing, apple sauce, broccoli casserole, mashed potatoes, squash, pies etc, etc as well as the coziness of having family and friends around without the pressure of buying or making gifts. I love that it's a day to focus on what/who I'm grateful for.