Tuesday, August 12, 2008


In about 2 weeks my oldest starts kindergarten. I realized I will be packing double the lunches and snacks of last year. Ryan will need a snack and a lunch 5 days per week, AJ will need a snack for preschool 4 days per week, and Nate will need a snack and a lunch 2 days per week.

Time to take inventory. I need to make sure I have enough containers for at least 2 days per child, in order to account for items being left behind at school, in the car, or me just not getting the dishes clean in time.

And I need to keep packing in the morning as quick and simple as possible; this year's challenge will undoubtedly be keeping up with the boys' school needs with a newborn to care for! I'll definitely be making good use of pre-prepared frozen items and leftovers.

First of all, my Hello Kitty collection. With Maia's birth a month ago, I feel like I can finally justify showing off my favourite bento items (and maybe even purchase a few more in the future!)

Ryan's favourite: Pokemon. Tupperware put out a Pokemon collection a number of years ago and I have a few of those; the sandwich keepers are great, and I love bringing them on family outings because I can usually stack 2 sandwiches in 1 container. Some of the other items I bought at the Pokemon Center in Tokyo (which changed location about a year ago) or off eBay.

Here are my Sanrio and various other character containers: Thomas the Tank Engine, Snoopy, Miffy, Kuririn, Badtz Maru, Keroppi.

And a variety of other miscellaneous containers, including a Thermos for warm food (I also have a Hello Kitty one for myself, not pictured, lol). Bottom right are a bunch of odds and ends, items missing their matching tops or bottoms.

My other concern is keeping Ryan's lunches simple and "cool" looking during the first few weeks of kindergarten. Am I over-thinking this too much? He'll be eating in the cafeteria with lots of kids and I have no idea what the climate is regarding brought-from-home lunches in public school. Easily recognizable sandwiches, pasta, fruit, etc should make him not feel different in the beginning.

Anyone with public school experience have any tips for me??

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Rachel said...

I think he'll be fine! Don't stress too much about his lunches. The other kids will probably think his lunches look cool and wish they had something like that. :)