Saturday, August 2, 2008

Busy, busy

The weekend:
Ryan harvested the
first beans from the
pole beans he planted
at preschool in the

Dinner included this
miso tofu from Vegan
Yum Yum, minus the
liquid smoke flavour.
The kids and I really
enjoyed it.

I also roasted some
turnips, summer
squash, & eggplant
in the oven. Steamed
broccoli & watermelon
slices completed the

The meals are pretty
simple these days when
Dada is at work. Lunch:
mini pumpkin muffin;
fresh pineapple chunks;
cold tofu w/soy sauce;
udon noodles with green
beans; Animal Parade
calcium vitamin.

For the grownup:
spicy vegetable satay
over udon noodles;
pineapple chunks.


CSA farm pick-up day:
- 1 head lettuce
- 3 bell peppers
- 1 hot pepper
- 1 bunch scallions
- 1 lb. carrots
- 4 cucumbers + 3 from the seconds table
- 2 eggplants
- 1 giant pattypan squash
- 2 zucchini
- 1 pint orange cherry tomatoes
- 1 quart blueberries

We saved most of the
pick-your-own items
until later in the week.

Here's AJ showing off
the pattypan squash he
chose because it looked
like a big "star".

Ryan munched on a
cucumber on the way
home. He managed to
eat half of it, then saved
the rest for the next day.

Dinner: tofu spinach
stuffed pasta
This another family
favourite at our house.
I really need to make
a bigger batch because
they disappear so

Corn on the cob and
a salad accompanied
the stuffed shells.

Wednesday:AJ's lunch for preschool camp: 2 pbj sandwich quarters; raisins; orange sections; lettuce & cucumber salad; 2 leftover stuffed pasta shells; broccoli florets. Not shown: lemonade; water; Luna bar for morning snack.

Back to the farm
for pick-your-own:
- bouquets of flowers
- string beans
- swiss chard
- a huge bag of basil
for pesto

And from the farmer's
market: bread, tomatoes, popcorn, corn on the cob.

Later in the day my MIL cam to visit the new baby. She brought us more corn, green & yellow beans, & lettuce from her boyfriend's garden in upstate NY.


I never found time for
my usual friday blog post
because it was Nate's
2nd birthday! He opened
presents in the morning.
In the evening relatives
came over for a party.
One of his favourite gifts
was this book Food For

I didn't want to break the
bank feeding everyone,
nor did I have a lot of time
to spend cooking. So we
served chips & dips and
watermelon, and then had
a pasta bar & garlic bread;
I figured pasta wouldn't
be rejected by any of the
kids. So I made 3 kinds of
pasta and 3 sauces: a red sauce with Nate's meatless meatballs, a mushroom sauce with red wine, and a pesto with all that basil from the farm.
AJ--my picky eater with the big appetite--enjoyed the buffet of food.

And don't forget the cupcakes! The basic chocolate cupcakes with a vegan buttercream frosting from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World always impresses people.


Jumbleberry Jam said...

Happy Bday to Nate!! And OMG! Love the cupcake did you do it? Just made Isa's Tiramisu cupcakes this morning for the adults at a 3 yr old birthday party this afternoon. YumO! Had the Vegan Yum Yum Miso Tofu sandwiches this week, too. Another YUM!

veganf said...

The frosting I colored separately in 4 bowls, then filled the frosting piper with a few tablespoonfuls of each color repeatedly. So it sort of flowed together in a rainbow tie dye pattern as it came out. It was a successful experiment!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Has it really been two years already since Nate was born?? I can't believe how fast time goes by until I am reminded of something that seems like yesterday but wasn't. Happy belated birthday to Nate (and happy birthday to the newest, Little Maya, whose birthday is only two days after my own!).

Melissa (Dragonfly on VP) :o)