Friday, October 10, 2008

short week

The weekend began
with Ryan's 6th birthday
and a party at LazerZone
--I never thought we'd
have one of "those"
parties, but 4 kids and a
messy house suddenly
makes those party places
look very appealing!

Ryan's lunch: pink rice ball; mango & raspberries; peanut butter pretzels; edamame; cold spinach & tat soi; a pickle; leftover slice of birthday cake.

spinach &
tat soi;
rice ball;
a pickle.


Ryan ended up with conjunctivitis, passed from AJ, who likely caught it at preschool. Since he otherwise felt fine we did some shopping together with the baby while the other boys were at preschool.
Nate's lunch: Good Dog "flowers"; rice cubes with faces; steamed broccoli; red bell pepper hearts; cucumber flowers; a carrot; a green olive; Tofutti cream cheese & grape jelly sandwich circles; a sugar cookie.
AJ's snack: rice triangle; a carrot; a cucumber flower; a sugar cookie; steamed broccoli; Good Dog "flowers" (AJ likes his with edamame centers instead of the peas or corn I usually use).
Farm share: purple bok choy; red kuri squash; potatoes; spinach; red leaf lettuce; onions; carrots; snow pea tendrils; tomatillos; green bell peppers; green tomatoes; 1/2 peck apples & pears. Not shown PYO: hot peppers; flowers; kale, collards, swiss chard.

Ryan's lunch: Thermos with leftover ma po tofu w/bamboo shoots & asian greens over ramen noodles; Torchic (a Pokemon made of orange rice & soy cheese); steamed broccoli.

AJ helped to make the
snack for his preschool
class. He called the snack
"www . 3C-snack . com"
because everything
started with the letter C.
Oy, I think he's spending
too much time online, LOL.

The first letter C
came from the
Carnival squash
that he mashed.
Then I pureed
some steamed
beets and the
batter turned
bright pink.

The class snack:
cantaloupe chunks
(with frilly tooth-
picks), squash/beet
mini muffins;
cranberry juice
(not shown).

There's no school until next tuesday due to Yom Kippur and Colombus Day.

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