Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween treats

Yes, I let my kids go trick-or-treating. Halloween happens to be our family's favourite holiday. We enjoy dressing up, going to Halloween parties, and carvings pumpkins. And I manage to keep the treats vegan (I don't worry too much about the excessive corn syrup since it's not a part of our regular diet).
Our neighborhood always seems to provide ample Dum-Dum lollipops, along with some Smarties and temporary tattoos. The kids go through their goodies and we give away the non-vegan items. But I also buy a stash of treats to sneakily distribute among their pumpkin bags while they are washing hands after the evening of tricks-or-treats.

So far this year's stash
includes: stickers, mini
puzzles, peanut bars,
pretzels, peanut butter
crackers, light-up self-
inking stamps, licorice,
cookies, Swedish Fish,
Lake Champlain dark
chocolates, pencils, fruit
leather, Fruitabu, nuts, Smarties...and a box of Annie's organic Bunny Fruit Snacks that was too big to photograph.

In years past I have included sugar-free vitamin C & zinc lollipops, Nutter Butter cookies, Gushers fruit snacks, spider/bat/skull rings, apples, clementines, popcorn, and various Halloween trinkets.

For parties, chocolate cupcakes with vanilla or orange frosting and sprinkles are a hit, or some frosted sugar cookies in the shapes of pumpkins and ghosts. Also any orange food is suitable: oranges, carrots, pumpkin muffins, etc. And don't forget roasted pumpkin seeds!

The mini candies handed out at Halloween don't usually contain ingredient lists. Here is a helpful list of vegan candy.

Do you have some favourite vegan treats that your kids enjoy?



Hey there my friend. Your blog is looking fabulous, and I am so jealous of your 6 hours ALONE...
Here is a neat Vegan blog I wanted to share with you!
mine is getting better too!

Anonymous said...

I try to buy stuff that is nut free. Way too many kids (mine included) have severe nut allergies. I feel bad that they end up not being able to eat a lot of the halloween loot.
Haven't gotten the stash yet though. Not sure what I'm going to get. Probably non food this year.

veganf said...

Thanks for that link. I think it should be added to the veg blog list over on VegPeople!

veganf said...

re: nuts - We always make sure to hand out nut-free treats, but our boys love nuts so they get nut treats at home. I am always super careful not to contaminate their preschool snacks though: preparing nut foods for kindergarten last or on a separate surface, keeping nuts in dedicated jars instead of rotating bulk food items, making sure the kids wash hands before school if they've had nuts for breakfast, etc.
There are some good nut-free websites out there that might help you identify the truly nut-free treats when TTing.