Friday, May 30, 2008

Star Wars bento challenge

Tempeh is easy and healthy.
I just bake it straight out of
the package in the oven for
half an hour. Then I let it
cool and cut into strips and
make various tasty meals.
Here's a tempeh salad.

Monday was a lazy Memorial Day, and Tuesday Ryan brought a cupcake to school for a friend's birthday. Here's goofy Nate wearing 2 pairs of sunglasses...upside down:

With such gorgeous weather lately, everyone has been spending most of the days outside. AJ exhausted himself and took a nap on the couch one afternoon.

Ryan had a field trip to go on a hike in the woods; the kids were each given a new box of crayons and had a sketchbook to draw what they saw on their walk. But I still packed him a cool snack in his backpack for the trip...
This week I decided to try the Star Wars bento challenge over at kawaiikiki's Bento Challenge.
My first attempt was Yoda on Dagoba: mashed potatoes, spinach, peas, green soy paper (for Yoda's head), nori and wheat bread (for Yoda's clothing). And the edible food coloring markers for Yoda's face.

I kept AJ's snack simple though: mashed potatoes, spinach, slices of wheat bread.
Ryan (wearing a Star Wars t-shirt of course) built a Star Wars Lego spaceship at home.

AJ's preschool "greenhouse" project
is ready to be planted. His teacher
was amazed last year that Ryan's
greenhouse worked so well and had
produced handfuls of string beans
by the end of the summer. AJ's
seems to be doing equally well, though
only 2 out of 3 beans germinated.

This week Ryan went to work at the
farm with Dada. He pruned an entire
row of new strawberry plants himself.

Not as intricate as wednesday's, but still fun: rice with black sesame seeds, nori letters, cucumber and tomato "lightsabers", a cantaloupe ball, green beans, sesame tofu.

Again, AJ's snack remains
simple: cantaloupe balls,
crackers, green beans,
sesame tofu.


Jumbleberry Jam said...

Once again you slay me! LOVE the yoda!!! :-)

That Raw Vegan Girl said...

WOW! You amaze me everytime:)

Misty said...

Yoda rocks!!! You have to tell me how to do that. Ray would flip out if he opened his bento to find that! Cool.

Danielle said...

Where did you find your cute toothpicks with the characters on them? I love how you take the time to make your food look fun and wonderful! Inspiring!