Friday, May 2, 2008


Sorry, but no snacks
this week again!
There was a case of
chicken pox in AJ's
preschool classroom,
so we were banished
for the week due to
exposure. Luckily my
husband returned from his
trip on sunday and was able
to take the boys to open gym
at the YMCA a few times,
and Ryan had playdates and
played with the neighbors' boys.

We were running low on groceries after my husband's trip, so I rummaged through the cupboards and came up with a package of somen noodles and a can of braised seitan; I improvised a sauce and added some frozen broccoli and voila!
Dinner was some frozen roasted vegetable pizza (not pictured) along with stuffed portobello mushrooms and sliced tomatoes.

An assortment of onigiri: red adzuki bean; wakami seaweed; black toasted sesame; shiso furikake (dried shiso leaf, dried spinach, sesame)...and some tiny pickles.
Inari; oshitashi rolls (spinach); vegetable gyoza.

This dinner was definitely
a hit. There was one leftover
red bean onigiri, which Ryan
finished off before bedtime.

somen noodles with snow peas, bok choy & edamame in a miso, sesame ginger sauce.

Across the street, our neighbor's cherry tree looks gorgeous!

pasta with zucchini, capers & garlic.


My husband brought
home our anniversary
cake. Every year we
get a cake from
Hippie Chick Bakery,
the bakery that made
our wedding cakes.

We takes turns each
year choosing the
flavour; whenever it
is his turn, he always
chooses the vanilla
with gran marnier
strawberries and
buttercream frosting,
all vegan of course.

For the past few weeks my photos have mostly looked brighter because I've been able to take food onto the porch for photographs in the warmer spring weather. However, these cake photos were taken inside because it was raining and dark out. We plan to renovate and expand our kitchen when we add onto our house, but for now we are stuck with a crappy yellowish light over the stove, and a dim fixture on the ceiling that flickers obnoxiously despite the handyman's best efforts to fix it. Even with a flash, my indoor photos always look dull. Oy.


Misty said...

That seitan/broccoli dish looks yummy! I love seitan, and I'm so bummed that I can't eat it anymore.

veganf said...

That's too bad...have you managed to find any products or recipes that are gluten-free besides tofu/tempeh? I admit I don't check too often to see if something is GF.