Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Take 3 Tuesday

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my biggest lunch packing days. I ran out of time to make anything for my husband, but he ended up coming home for a late lunch anyhow. So bentos for 3 boys...

Ryan's lunch: 4 bean salad; grapes & watermelon; steamed broccoli; R-Y-A-N letter tater tots; a strawberry; pretzels.

Ryan didn't want to
get dressed for school
today because he was
too busy re-reading
one of his Magic
Treehouse books.
I can't think of a
better reason not to
want to get ready
for school!

AJ's snack: grapes &
watermelon; steamed
broccoli; A-J letter tater
tots; pretzels.

Nate's lunch: the last leftover zucchini brownie; pretzels; snap pea crisps; N-A-T-E letter tater tots; strawberries; steamed broccoli; 4 bean salad; grapes & watermelon.

I wasn't notified about a birthday in Nate's class today and I had no frozen cupcakes on deck. Luckily I had included the brownie in his lunch and his teacher is creative...she had a tube of frosting in the cabinet (crappy junk but vegan friendly) and some extra sprinkles so she quickly frosted his brownie and threw on some sprinkles and he was none the wiser!


Maida said...

It's great your kids' teachers are supportive! Mine hasn't hit school yet, so I often wonder how things will be once she does.

How do you get them to eat broccoli? My daughter is instantly turned off to anything green, except peas and salad. Have they always liked green vegetables or did it develop over time?

Anonymous said...

Yum, the lunches always look so good.

Baby Adam will be 5 months old next week. He started cereal at 4 months mixed with mommy milk. He gets a new fruit or veggie next each week. Just a couple of spoonfuls a day. He loves to eat. He is no bruiser like his big brother was at that age, but he is still a chunk.

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

The tater tot names are so cool! Thank you for checking in on me! I haven't been cooking post-worthy meals, but hopefully I will have a new post sometime this week.

Gregg, Mandi, Lucie, Griffin, Drew and Caleb said...

Tater Tot letters?!? how does that happen? is it something you buy or did you make it?

veganf said...

Maida - broccoli, etc. ...I just offer it often, and in many different ways. I think starting with "real" food as babies and modeling and sharing eating lots of veggies helps too. And also involving them in the growing, harvesting, preparation of the food.
My middle son has always been picky, and it must have taken him AT LEAST 100 exposures to some foods before he'd try them. But I never force them to try anything, never use food as a reward, and avoid junk food except for special occasions. And I don't make "special" meals...if they don't like what is offered, they don't have to eat it, but they don't get anything else until the next meal.

Mandi - the tater tot letters are just another frozen potato gimmick in the frozen foods section. I just throw a few on a piece of foil or a baking sheet for 15-20 minutes when I'm cleaning up the breakfast dishes, and they're cool by the time I'm ready to pack lunches. I got lucky that that package had all the letters for their names in it! I'm glad we gave them short first names!!